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In the year 1947, Fr. Edwrad Niesen and Fr. J.P.Wroblewski mooted the idea and Fr. Cleary, Fr. Watling and Fr. Wilzbacher gave all encouragement in sponsoring an Annual issue of 'Alumunus'. The slim publication carried extensive articles, poems and other creative inputs from outgoing alumni eager to let the other know of their exploits. Yearly alumni reunion further reinforced togetherness. The red beareded polish priest Fr. Wroblewski, almost became a legend in his life time in cementing the alumni association. Fr. Wroblewski's demise brought a vaccum in SXAA activities but Fr. Gordan Murphy saddled though he was with the cares of administration carried on gamely and provided the school with one of its finest communicators both within the community and the alumni. When he moved on to St.Micheals, the campus remained but the moving spirit was gone. Soon Fr. Wroblewski called him up for a grand reunion above with St. Peter. The Alumni found in Fr. Cox the embodied triumvirate of Fr. Wroblewski, Fr. Murphy, and Fr. Moran and with Fr. Cleary, Fr. Ziebert, and Fr. Reinboth the Alumni gallery of the mythical camelot was complete. Later, a synthesis was called for and the Micheal's & Xavier's Alumni Association was formed under the presidentship of the late Mr. Ranjit Sinha. However, the siamese twins perforce had to be seperated for want of a sense of authentic identity. The SXAA now stood on its own two feet with the alumni taking upon themselves the mantle of reponsibilitiy and Mr. Ranjit Sinha providing it the leadership. Mr. Ranjit Sinha's early demise shocked the association in such a profound way that it immediately decided to institute the Distinguished Xaverian Award to keep his memory alive and decided to confer the first award on him, albeit posthumously. Worthy alumni moderators like Fr. Faulstich, Fr. Drinane and Fr. Chandy with extensive support from Fr. Reinboth have done their utmost to keep the Association vibrant and humming. After Mr. Ranjit Sinha, a succession of dynamic presidents have not let up on the momentum and Dr. A.K.Gupta, Prof. K.V.Srinivasan,Mr. Balram Das, Prof. S.D.Singh, Mr. Satish Anand, Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, Mr. Subhash Anand, Mr. Satyapal Dutta, Mr. Vijay Kochar, Mr. Vijay Sharma, Mr. Arun Prasad, Mr. J. K. Sinha, Mr. R.N. Sahay, Justice Samarendra Pratap Singh and now Dr. Sandeep Sen have all rendered yeomen service in the alumni togetherness as well as for God and Country.

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